Professional Activity and


Corporate Law Area

Legal and tax advisory in the ordinary and extraordinary operations: M& A and similar transaction such as creation, transformation, division,
liquidation of companies
capital increase and corporate finance
Advising upon  among members litigation, between them and the company, between companies and corporate bodies
contracts and commercial law advisory
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Finance Area

Advising in relationships with banks
Corporate financing: loans, leasing, factoring, bonds, subsidized
loans , Finance reports and plans
Finance analysis , Business Plans
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Tax Area

Ordinary and extraordinary tax planning for companies and corporations tax advising, private and corporate tax, tax form filing, Assistance and
Advising in internal tax audits , Assistance and Advising in tax offices audits, Assistance and Advising in tax out-of –the- court litigation, Assistance and Advising in tax litigation
Tax Due diligence
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Control and Revision Office Area

Collegi sindacali.
Statutory and legal audit
Analysis and monitoring on the application of accounting principles

Administration – Accounting Area

Financial statements and related obligations
Consolidated group statement
Management control

Judicial Procedures Area

Trustee in bankruptcy.
 Practice Master for the Court in bankruptcy proceedings and compulsory liquidation.
Trustee in Giudicial administration of companies and assets
Organism composition of the crisis
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Contractual Area

Advising in the sale of real estate  and personal property, leases and rents
Advising in negotiation and drafting of contracts and private contracts.
Advising in hereditary, patrimonial and family assets negotiations
Arbitration, conciliation, mediation in contract negotiations between the parties
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Business Area

Business and companies restructuring .Turnarounds

Other Services

Tax formalities and filings

Formalities with the Public Offices